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Verso - Matthijs Koene, panpipes and Stefan Gerritsen, guitar

Verso is a unique and virtuosic duo, playing a wide range of styles from ancient to contemporary music. In search for new repertoire they often ask composers to write for their duo, which has resulted in a collection of more than sixty original works. The music is extremely diverse and adventurous: contemporary classical is interwoven throughout with shades of world music, jazz, pop and dance. Verso has been awarded many times in international competitions: De Vriendenkrans and Concertgebouwprijs (Amsterdam 2003), Comradio contempory music prize (Barcelona 2003), IBLA Grand Prize and the Piazzolla award (Raguza, Italy 2006). Their first CD was released in 2009 and created the first ever pan flute-guitar CD
 with completely original repertoire. The CD received enthusiastic reactions by the international press: Verso are highly skilled, very professional and charismatic performers” (Classical Guitar magazine, 2010) They are very, very good! Guitarist Gerritsen is virtuosic and fluent in all of the techniques of modern guitar playing. Koene does things with his instrument which sounds quite impossible at times". (Soundboard magazine 2010) 

Their second cd was released in 2016 and had a 4 out of 5 stars rate in De Volkskrant, a major Dutch newspaper.

 Matthijs and Stefan have appeared on concert series and festivals in the Netherlands, Europe, Africa and the United States and have played in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam, Carnegie Hall in New York and on international guitar festivals.



    Stiens12 april 2019

Verso speelt een avontuurlijk programma in het Friese Stiens
aanvang: 20.15
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    Amstelveen27 januari 2019

Verso speelt in het prachtige Huize Wester-Amstel een gevarieerd programma met o.a. werken van Bach en Piazzolla.
aanvang: 15.00
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    Eefde ( Zutphen )6 januari 2019

Verso speelt een gedeelte programma met accordeonist Vincent van Amsterdam. Muziek van o.a. Astor Piazzolla en J.S. Bach 
Aanvang: 15.30
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Theaterplein 10, 2711 EK Zoetermeer

International Panflute Festival
More information: t.b.a
Verso speelt live in de nieuwe studio's van Radio 4!

Voor terugluisteren klik hier.
Adres: Koetshuis van Huize Keizer, Kerkplein 2, 7591 DD Denekamp
Entrée: 10 euro, incl. pauzedrankje
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Adres: De Kapel, 's-Gravelandseweg 144, 1217 GA Hilversum
Duo-programma met muziek van o.a. Giuliani, Schubert, Debussy, Ravel en Piazzolla
Entrée: 10 euro, kinderen gratis.
Voor meer informatie en het bestellen van tickets klik hier.
Internationaal panfluitfestival
Meer info: t.b.a
Festival des Guitarres
aanvang: 20.00
Meer info: klik hier
Casa Luthier
aanvang: 20.00
Meer info: klik hier
Duo programma: Kasteel Engelenburg
muziek van o.a. Giuliani, Schubert en Piazzolla
aanvang: 15.00
Voor meer info 
Stadsschouwburg Haarlem 
aanvang: 21.00
Verso speelt in " club Phil"
Meer info: klik hier
Duo programma: Lenteconcert
muziek van o.a. Giuliani, Schubert en Piazzolla
aanvang: 15.00
Voor meer info 
Muziek van Kim, Piazzolla, Schubert en Lieberman
aanvang: 20.00
Meer info: klik hier
Trio-concert m.m.v. Esra Pehlivali - Altviool
muziek van o.a. Strawinsky, Schubert/ Matiegka en Piazzolla
aanvang: 12..00
Voor meer info klik hier
Concert in cultureelcentrum Heerde
aanvang: 16.00
muziek van o.a. Strawinsky, Schubert en Piazzolla
Voor meer info klik hier
Concert op landgoed de Palz
aanvang: 12.00
muziek van o.a. Strawinsky, Schubert en Piazzolla
Voor meer info klik hier
Trio concert in Kasteel Heeswijk
aanvang: 20.00
M.m.v. Esra Pehlivali - Altviool
muziek van o.a. Strawinsky, Schubert/ Matiegka en Piazzolla
Voor meer info klik hier
Concert "in Summerwinds", zie ook
Billerbeck, Duisland
aanvang: 18.00
Concert in huis Kernhem
aanvang: 12.00
muziek van o.a. Strawinsky, Schubert en Piazzolla
Voor meer info klik hier:
Concert Verso.
Info over dit programma volgt binnenkort.
aanvang: 11.00
muziek van o.a. Piazzolla, Brotons en Bach. 
aanvang: 11.00
muziek van o.a. Piazzolla, Giuliani en Artyom Kim. 
Voor meer info: klik hier

Matthijs Koene                   

Matthijs Koene (1977) was appointed main subject teacher at the Conservatorium of Amsterdam after graduating Cum Laude from the same institute for his panflute studies. His vision and playing methods have enhanced the technical possibilities and the musical expression of the panflute, which has led to many new works for panflute, both solo and in ensembles with various instrumental combinations, as well as with organ. A number of renowned composers have written works for him, among whom are Roderik de Man, Klaas de Vries, Guus Janssen, Theo Loevendie, Daan Manneke, Piet Kee, Ron Ford, René Uijlenhoet, Chiel Meijering, etc. His duo with organ player Jos van der Kooy has premiered several works, but also experiments with old music performances, such as the authentic flute sonatas by J.S. Bach, written neither for panflute nor for organ. His duo with guitar player Stefan Gerritsen has won various awards, such as the Vriendenkrans and Concertgebouw Award in 2003, the award for contemporary music presented by the Comradio competition in Barcelona and the IBLA Grand Prize in Italy. The duo has given recitals all over the world, including Carnegie Hall in New York. The duo’s CDs have been praised by the press. The Volkskrant spoke of Koene’s mastery and awarded the CD “Chasing Piazzolla” 4 stars. On the CD “Verso plays Verso”: Soundboard Magazine in 2010: Koene does things with his instrument that sound quite impossible at times. Klassieke Zaken in 2010: Koene is now generally recognized as an absolute master on his instrument. Matthijs is also a member of the ensemble Black Pencil and the Zerafin Ensemble, who did a successful tour in 2016 together with Dutch singer/songwriter Spinvis. The Black Pencil ensemble works internationally and has built up a large repertoire with works by internationally renowned composers in a short period of time. Their latest CD received a 4-star review in the Volkskrant. Matthijs has played the solo parts of flute concerts by Mozart, Vivaldi and Quantz and in November 2016 he played Telemann’s Concert pour la flûte pastourelle in a concert series with “the Holland Baroque Society”. But even in this genre Matthijs has proven to be an advocate of autonomous repertoire for the panflute. In January 2014 he premiered a concert by the Italian composer Francesco Hoch in cooperation with the Swiss ensemble I Barocchisti led by Diego Fasolis. In October 2015 Matthijs premiered the double concerto for panflute and recorder by the Dutch composer Hans Koolmees, together with blockflute player Erik Bosgraaf and the Riga Sinfonietta, led by Normunds Šnē. In 2018 Matthijs will play a new double concerto for recorder and panpipes by Calliope Tsupaki in the Concertgebouw of Amsterdam. In 2019 he will play the solo part of a still-to-be-written orchestral piece by Klaas de Vries in cooperation with the Radio Philharmonic Orchestra in the matinee of the Amsterdam Concertgebouw. 

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Stefan Gerritsen          


"  Een Grandioze gitarist”  de Volkskrant 22 juni 2016. " Guitarist Gerritsen is virtuosic and fluent in all of the techniques of modern guitar playing ". (Soundboard magazine 2011) 


 Stefan Gerritsen is an established artist in the Netherlands. He was awarded various times in international music competitions, both as a soloist as with Verso: the duo he forms with Panflutist Matthijs Koene. In 2006 he won second prize in the international guitar competition of Zwolle, In 2006 Verso was Topwinner of the IBla Grand Prize. They received the highest mark of the jury (9.5 ) They were also winner of the “Vriendenkrans” and Concertgebouwprijs (Amsterdam 2003) and Comradio Contempory music prize ( Barcelona 2003) As a soloist with orchestra he performed the guitar concertos of Villa-Lobos, Vivaldi and Tedesco. Besides his solo engagements he has worked together with renowned ensembles for contemporary music, such as the Nieuw Ensemble and Scala. He also regularly performs with classical singers. Stefan Gerritsen played in many prestigious venues, like the Carnegie hall in New York and the Concertgebouw in Amsterdam. He performed in festivals in South Africa, Greece, California and Germany. In 2011 Soundboard magazine wrote: Guitarist Gerritsen is virtuosic and fluent in all of the techniques of modern guitar playing. Many composers wrote pieces for him, both for his duo and chamber-music groups, and more and more for the 31-toneguitar. Recently he is involved in establishing new repertoire for guitar and choir. Composers as Roderik de Man and Gerard Beljon dedicated their compositions to this project. Stefan Gerritsen graduated from the Conservatory of Amsterdam ( Master cum laude), having studied with Lex Eisenhardt. He continued his studies with the Canadian guitar virtuoso Laura Young and received a scholarship to study with Alex Garrobé in Barcelona. Besides the classical guitar Mr. Gerritsen also plays on 31-tone guitar, which is very close to mean-tone tuning and for this reason very suitable for music written by composers such as Dowland, Sweelinck and Weiss. He has been invited to record a disc on this instrument for Turtle records. Leading Dutch newspaper wrote in 2016: Stefan Gerritsen is a “ grandioze gitarist”

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Verso program 2017/18

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For the new season Verso has programmed major works that consist of several movements: Mostly sonatas. 
The flute sonata in e BWV1034 by J.S. Bach , the Grande Sonata Concertata op.
85 by the 19th century guitar virtuoso Mauro Giuliani, the Tre Divertimenti by the Catalan/Spanish composer
Salvador Brotons and the Sonata Op. 25 by the American composer Lowell Liebermann.
Furthermore the award winning composition for panpipes ensemble "Longeur" by Roderik de Man and the invocatory Ostinato II by Artyom Kim is also included.
Longeur not only consists of many different styles but also different instruments, like the 31-tone guitar, based on the temperament of the 17th century
scientist Christiaan Huygens and the unique contrabass panflute.
Lyricism alternates with virtuosity in concertante and solo works.


Verso program 2016/17

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Voor het nieuwe concertseizoen heeft Verso een programma samengesteld waarin de namen van grote componisten niet ontbreken. Zo spelen zij de sonate in e BWV voorfluit en B.c. van J.S. Bach en de Arpeggione sonate van Schubert. De Arpeggione was een instrument dat het midden hield tussen een gitaar en een cello, met frets en zes snaren, die niet werden getokkeld maar gestreken. Diabelli was een 19e eeuwse gitarist, componist en bovenal uitgever van de werken van Beethoven en schreef met goedkeuring van de meester: Potpourri no 1: op thema’s van Beethoven. Van Paganini hoort u het prachtige Cantabile en de Romanza uit de sonate voor gitaar met begeleiding van een viool, in dit geval dus een Panfluit. Verder uiteraard muziek speciaal voor het duo geschreven door de crème de la crème van de Nederlandse componisten: Roderik de Man, Guus Janssen, Daan Manneke, Ron Ford, Chiel Meijering en vele anderen.


Music by Michiel Mensingh, Paul Leenhouts, Guus Janssen, Gijs van Dijk, Chiel Meijering and Artyom Kim.

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This program is not about sweet melodies. It consists of groovy new compositions especially written for Verso.

Two compositions by the Dutch composer Michiel Mensingh, who used the "drum 'n bass" style as starting point in his works for verso.

Furthermore : “Panga Panga” by Paul Leenhouts, music by Guus Janssen, Gijs van Dijk, Chiel Meijering and the prominent   Uzbek composer Artyom Kim.


Trio program with distinguished viola player : Esra Pehlivanli

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Last years cooperation between acclaimed Viola player Esra Pehlivanli and the members of duo Verso was a very promising one. Inspired by those results the musicians decided to develop a new program for the next season. In an extremely diverse and passionate concert the audience will be treated with Spanish and South American music from de Falla, Granados, Piazzolla and a recent trio composed by the legendary Cuban composer and guitarist Leo Brouwer. An important part of the program is dedicated to composers of the early nineteen century:virtuosic compositions as the Notturno op. 21 by Schubert/Matiegka, Cantabile and Romanza by Paganini and Schubert’s famous Arpeggione Sonata. The concert will be concluded with compositions flavored with elements of Eastern Europe in Violin Duets by Bela Bartok and Igor Strawinskys Chanson Russe an eastern and the mesmerizing composition Ostinato II by Uzbec composer Artyom Kim. We almost forget to mention: to maintain a good tradition the program starts with Johann Sebastian Bach (Sonata in e BWV 1034 for flute and Basso continuo)         

Verso en Ekaterina

Trio-program with  mezo-soprano and Harpist Ekaterina Leventhal

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Zang, Harp, Panfluit en Gitaar Trio’s, duo’s en kwartetten in dit concert gebeurt het allemaal! Dit dankzij mezzo-sopraan Ekaterina Levental, die niet alleen prachtig zingt maar ook voortreffelijk harp speelt. De combinatie van 58 snaren, 46 pijpen en zang is een feest voor het oor en leent zich uitstekend voor het Spaans en Zuid-Amerikaanse repertoire. Op het programma staat muziek van de Spaanse meesters Granados, de Falla en Rodrigo, de Braziliaanse componist Heitor Villa-Lobos en de Argentijn Astor Piazzolla. Van de laatste hoort u zijn “ Ave Maria” en het theatrale” Balada para un Loco”. Als tegenhanger van al dit zuidelijk temperament klinken de mysterieuze “Drey Minnelieder” van Frank Martin en “ El Dorado” van de Nederlandse componist Rijndert van Woudenberg naar het gedicht van Edgar Allan Poe. 

"The duo plays perfectly together"

Trouw 2010


The prominent Dutch newspaper rated the CD "Chasing Piazzolla" with four out of five stars.

De Volkskrant 2016

"They are very, very good!"

"Guitarist Gerritsen is virtuosic and fluent in all of the techniques of modern guitar playing. Koene does things with his instrument which sounds quite impossible at times."

Soundboard Magazine 2011

Verso has won various prizes and competitions:

-Vriendenkrans en Concertgebouwprijs (Amsterdam, 2003)

-Cómradio contemporary music prize (Barcelona, 2003)

-Finalists in "the CAG music competition" New York (2005 en 2006)

-IBLA Grand Prize Top Winner Award and Piazzolla Award (Italië, 2006).

In 2007 Verso played at the Carnegie Hall in New York.

"Verso are highly skilled, very professional and charismatic performers "

Classical Guitar Magazine 2010



Stefan Gerritsen

Street: Pieter Nieuwlandstraat 72 A

City: 1093 XX  Amsterdam - The Netherlands


Phone: (0031) (0)6 45 27 28 34

Matthijs Koene

Street: Borneostraat 4T

City: 1094 CJ  Amsterdam - The Netherlands


Phone: (0031) (0)6 247 133 13

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